Name Konstantin

Location Russia, Ufa

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About me
Beginner photographer.

My cameras and lenses set (updated 2012-04-26):

Nikon D5100

[not tested] Lomo Lubitel (yes, the first model)
Fuji DL-80N compact camera
Lomo Smena-8m
KMZ Zenit-B
Nikon FM3A (black)

Nikkor f3.5-5.6 18-55 AF-S VR DX
Nikkor f1.8D 50 AF
KMZ Helios 44-2 58 f2 (M42)
Nikkor f1.4 35 AI-S

Moving to film photography. Expect film-sourced pics soon.

Most of these shots and more can be found in original quality @
I have some RAW (NEF) files for those who's interested:

All the stuff I publish here and there licensed under CC0 ( ), so there is no copyright, and will never be. (better explanation: google WTFPL).
You are free to do whatever you want with my photos.

Placing copyright restrictions on any stuff in general prevents distribution and intelligence growth. Please think seven times(the more the better) before doing so. You are pushing humankind back by not allowing others to learn from you, if you have something to share. That also goes for small-res/bad-quality pictures(when they are taken from hi-res/hi-end cameras) you publish. Please either not publish them or do this only if you lost original-quality materials.

All initially-digital shots posted here and there are transferred and decoded from cameras using only free opensource software, including, but not limited to GIMP 2.6 and ufraw-0.18+ (few manual patches), from Linux platform.


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